Production Process

Our team of knowledgeable logistics experts efficiently caters to the demands of our partners, regardless of what they may be. Taleen’s strives to uphold the most exceptional quality procedures throughout the supply chain process, ensuring that a superior end product is delivered to satisfy the preferences of end users.


We at Taleen’s prioritize the cultivation of high-quality crops in Egypt by giving individual attention to every plant, utilizing the most effective methods in all stages of the agricultural process, including crop selection, land preparation, seed selection, irrigation, crop growth and maintenance, and fertilization.


We utilize modern techniques to harvest our crops and guarantee their freshness and quality. Our products undergo a cleaning process that eliminates any unripe or incomplete crops before being packaged and transported to our factories. This ensures the safety and health of our products.


From the farms to our Factories, the produce is transported to ours where it undergoes pre-treatment using specialized machinery to ensure that it is safe, frozen and packaged. The produce is then stored in materials that are completely safe to maintain its freshness in terms of taste and smell until it reaches the end-user’s refrigerators.

Packing Process

We provide a selection of packaging choices that are customized to suit the specific requirements of various businesses. We transport the packaged items to any location required. It is crucial for us to meet each customer’s demands, and thus, we utilize an extensive range of packaging options to ensure that all frozen items are packed safely and with unique designs.

Delivering Exceptional Quality

Packing Possibilities

Frozen Products

1 x 10 kg/Carton

1 x 1 kg/Carton

4 x 2.5 kg/Carton

20x400 gm/Carton

Loading Details

40ft Container (Reefer)

  • 10kg/carton x 2400-2600 cartons without pallets
  • 8kg/carton x 2800 cartons without pallets

20ft Container (Reefer)

  • 10kg/carton x 1000 cartons without pallets
  • 8kg/carton x 1100-1200 cartons without pallets

Our Delivery Areas

With the utmost quality controls, Taleen’s exports its products worldwide. Leveraging our extensive experience in frozen food exports, our logistics team guarantees on-time delivery of your products to any desired location. We are proud to have reached over 50 countries globally.

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