Individual Quick Freezing

Taleen’s uses the latest technologies in manufacturing & preservation processes, including IQF technology, to freeze each piece of food individually. This ensures that our products maintain their taste, texture, and nutritional benefits. IQF technology prevents the formation of larger ice crystals that can damage the cell walls and reduce the quality of the food. However, you’ll never find a solid block due to this process, ensuring that the real taste and nutritional benefits are preserved.

Striving for absolute Excellence!

Counting on superior techniques to produce and distribute IQF products that meet global benchmarks. Our unwavering commitment to quality has established us as the leading frozen products brand in over many nations worldwide.

Not only delicious, but also delivered with precision and care.

With our extensive experience in the frozen food export industry, our logistics team can effectively deliver your products to any location and at any time. We have exported to many countries worldwide, and we are looking forward for more.


Utilizing the most up-to-date technologies, we harvest our crops with the aim of securing the good health and condition of our products. Following an adequate cleaning process that ensures the removal of any immature or unfilled crops, these products are then packaged and transported to our factories for further processes.


We prioritize individual attention to each plant when carrying out agricultural practices from selecting crops, preparing the land and seeds, to managing irrigation, growth, maintenance, and fertilization, all sourced from the most fertile cultivation grounds in Egypt.


Our products are brought from farms and taken to our facilities, where specialized machinery is used to pre-treat them so that they remain safe, frozen, and carefully packaged. Once treated, the products are stored in secure materials to keep them fresh and tasty until they are delivered to the end consumer’s fridge.


We ensure that we only work with the best manufacturers, growers, and farms to guarantee the efficient creation of the high-quality products we promise to provide our customers.

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